Coronavirus – Hollywood Ballroom Statement


Dear valued customers, employees, instructors, and friends:


Questions and concerns about the Coronavirus prompt us to make this statement.  We want everyone to stay healthy and enjoy dancing.  We sincerely hope there will be developments in the near future that will reduce the dangers of infection and illness.


Within Hollywood Ballroom, we plan to implement a number of things that we believe are within our control, in the hope of providing high standards of cleanliness and protection whenever possible.  These actions include


Ensuring that hand soap is always available for use in our restrooms and kitchen.

Maintaining the hand sanitizer dispenser and keeping it filled.

Laundering all tablecloths every week.

Assigning our employees to be responsible for additional cleaning and sanitizing of shared facilities, such as door handles, restroom equipment, etc.


Things beyond our control require behaviors of our customers.  They include


Staying home when sick.

Washing hands frequently.

Refraining from greeting with hugs.

Calling to our attention if soaps and/or paper goods are in low supply.


Please share your ideas with us about other actions we can take, or simply, how we can keep the ballroom open in these trying times.


Keep yourselves healthy and well.  Try to keep dancing.


Richard Zierdt

Claire Carabello


March 10, 2020