Face Mask Policy – October 4, 2020

Hollywood Ballroom Dance Center

We have fielded several comments, questions about the use of face masks during dances at the Ballroom.  In general, and in accordance with the law, face masks should be worn at all times while inside the Ballroom, and the mask must cover the nose and mouth.


For a time, we allowed “open face” while seated, but that could still expose others to the virus.  After considering requests from several dancers, we believe requiring masks at all times is the best policy for everyone.


All of us have different “covid comfort” levels, and the face mask restriction may be considered unnecessary by some. This is understood.  But other dancers remain concerned, and those concerns are valid.  Other studios have more “relaxed” covid practices, which creates anxiety for some who attend, if they attend at all.


At the Hollywood Ballroom, we want everyone to feel as safe as the Ballroom can make it.  This increases attendance, limited as it must be for now, and comfort for many.  Increased attendance helps the Ballroom stay in business.  


Also, we have added dance instruction to the Saturday dance to encourage attendance at that dance. This provides more opportunities to dance at least once per week, as it was before this pandemic started.  We hate these covid restrictions, but know they are necessary during these trying times.


Claire, Paul, and Richard 

October 4, 2020