Hollywood Ballroom Update – May 11, 2020


Dear Friends,


We are just checking in once again.  All is well with us, and we hope you are well, too.  We receive occasional e-mails that give us a smile, such as “Please don’t close. We really need you!!!!”


More smiles come by mail and PayPal, from our incredibly generous dancers who have sent us donations.  We promise to spend them wisely, toward the goal of re-opening when we’re allowed to do so.


The State of Maryland and Federal PPE program gave us some modest financial assistance that allowed us to pay our employees whose work assignments were abruptly cancelled on March 13.  This situation has had quite the mushroom effect, as you all know.


Thanks to all who participated in our Alcohol Inventory Reduction Sale.  It was a worthwhile effort, and accomplished the goals.


Looking ahead (and wishing we had that crystal ball), we hope to see you all very soon.  Stay safe and stay well.  We will check in again in a couple of weeks.


Feel free to contact us directly:

Claire:  [email protected]

Paul:  [email protected]

Richard:  [email protected]