Hollywood Ballroom Update ~ October 12, 2020



October 12, 2020

Dear Ballroom Community 

A ballroom dancer reported a positive case of covid-19 after the Sunday, October 11 dance. That person was tested a few days ago, but the results were provided after the dance. The person, while present during the dance, was not present during the lesson. The person was, and continues to be, asymptomatic.  The reason for the test was to travel outside the country, not because of health symptoms. The dancer had also attended the October 4 dance.  Everyone’s temperature is taken, so no one had a temperature at the dance.

Richard is staying in touch with the person, and all others who shared a dance, all of whom will not attend the Ballroom for at least two weeks.  All will have themselves tested.

All tablecloths have been removed and will be laundered.  Staff member Samari Martinez is disinfecting all tables and chairs, and the restrooms, which started today at 3 pm.

Richard contacted the Montgomery County Disease Control and Epidemiology department, 240-777-1755, and left a message asking for their thoughts about this particular event. No response yet, but it’s early.

The CDC website says that the virus that causes Covid-19 can live up to three days, so this Thursday’s Tea Dance will be held as will this weekend’s dances on Saturday and Sunday.

Taking everyone’s temperature before every dance, and requiring that everyone wear a face mask at all times, are good policies to keep everyone safe. Even if someone has Covid-19, wearing face masks by everyone greatly reduces the spread of this disease.  Nonetheless, if anyone tests positive for covid-19, please let us know, as this person did. Also, we do not require payment in advance to attend a dance, so if you feel ill for any reason, please stay home.

Claire, Paul, and Richard