Nonci Tirado Tuesday Nights

International Style with Nonci Tirado
Tuesday Night Classes
   Nonci Tirado

International Style Lessons at Hollywood Ballroom Dance Center

Tuesdays 7:30 and 8:30 pm

Latin Drill: Perform Basics Like a Pro

Advanced Choreography

Latin Drill: Perform Basics Like a Pro   
Whether you’re a beginner or a superstar Latin dancer, drilling the basics is a must! There is no other way around mastering the basics. This is a 60 minute drill intensive. Come ready to work and come ready to have FUN while you perfect your dance moves!

This class will focus on drilling the basics in rumba, cha cha, samba and jive, with attention given to proper footwork, feet/leg/hip action, posture/back mobility, spins and turns, and lead/follow.  Some simple open choreography for exercise.

♦ Learn how to polish such basic movements as: Forward and backward walks, delayed walks, checked walks, pressed walks, hip twist turns, switch turns, spiral turns, 3 step turns, spins, lock steps, chasses, time steps, continuous lock steps, rondes…and much more.
♦ Learn a choreographed basic routine in solo position which we will review and repeat each week with emphasis on refining!
♦ Understand timing, musicality, spatial awareness, partner sensitivity
Notes will be given to suit the needs of each dancer. Partners welcomed but not necessary.

Advanced Choreography

This class offers an opportunity to dance intricate and exciting choreography.  It is a great way to develop repertoire and partnering skills.

Finally, here is a class that takes you to the ultimate level in International Latin dancing.  Learn beautiful and exciting choreographed phrases involving open figures and some gold level syllabus figures. Emphasis will be on performance technique and individuality. This class is designed for the advanced beginner social to the seasoned competitive dancer. 

Explore your possibilities and become the artTake your dancing to the next level! 

Tuesday Night Classes:
45 minute lessons, 4 week series
Monthly $60/one class, $110/both classes; Drop-in $18 



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