Hollywood Ballroom Vaccination Policy

Dear Ballroom Dancing Community:

Beginning Sunday, June 20, 2021, Hollywood Ballroom will require proof of vaccination to attend its public dances, and facemasks will be optional.  Until June 20, 2021, masks are still required.

This announcement is made now to allow ample time for word of this new policy to spread.

We’ve taken a lot of time to study and reflect on this policy, and it is not made lightly.  Some dancers will choose not to attend, but many others will feel a lot more comfortable.

Vaccination status of dancers has been asked-for during the last four dances. The vast majority have been vaccinated.  Such status is marked in a spreadsheet. While proof of vaccination must be shown, no copy of anyone’s vaccination card is made; only the fact that a person has been vaccinated is recorded. This minimizes the collection of personal data.  Once shown and recorded, your vaccination card will not be needed again to attend dances at Hollywood.

Registration is, and will continue to be, required so vaccination status can be checked and attendance numbers are known.  Maximum attendance has been raised to 120 persons.

Facemasks will become optional on June 20.  Feel free to wear them as you wish, and even ask your dance partner to wear one if you prefer.  MERV-13 air filters, UVGI air sterilizers, and hand sanitizer on each table offer additional protections for everyone.

Richard, Paul, and Claire


For Social Ballroom Dances (Saturday, Sunday, Thursday afternoon):

Pre-register through the calendar for Social Ballroom Dances 

Proof of  vaccination is required to be admitted to a Social Ballroom Dance.  Bring your card to show at the door if your vaccination info is not on file.


For West Coast Swing Dances (Friday) and Country Dancing (Wednesday):

See the policies at Dance Jam Productions, the producer of these two dances.