Dance Instructors

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At the heart of the Ballroom’s dance program are our highly qualified dance instructors. Here you will find instructors
who have won highly competitive dance championships, instructors who have highly specialized fields of expertise and
instructors who enjoy working with all aspects of ballroom dancing.

Our  dance instructors teach the complimentary lessons before the social ballroom dances dances. To view the complimentary lessons currently being offered, see the calendar.

Many of our instructors also offer additional classes, practice sessions, workshops or special events. View these featured classes and events to see the latest learning opportunities.

Most instructors are also available for private lessons. Please contact the instructor directly for additional information.

Whether you are new to ballroom dancing or are very experienced, our dance instructors can help you achieve your dancing goals.




Amanda A. Stearns

443-739-6492   [email protected]   •
American Smooth & Rhythm, International Standard & Latin, Country Western, West Coast Swing,
wedding dance, and competition coaching

Amy Wagaman

301-529-6611    •   [email protected]
see more –>
All dances, including American rhythm & smooth, and International Standard & Latin

Candy Marshall

301-622-1728   c[email protected]   •
Jazzercise Franchise Instructor 41 years

Catherine Noblitt

410-908-1084  [email protected]   •   see more –>
LISTD, NADTA,  American style (Ballroom & Rhythm) and International style (Standard & Latin)

Debra Huston

410-370-5953    [email protected]
Championship competition dancer and experienced teacher (International and American styles)

Kevin Fitzhugh

301-660-0880  [email protected]   •   •   see more –>
West Coast Swing and Hand Dance

Laurie Anderson

410-823-1625  [email protected]
International Standard & Latin, American Rhythm & Smooth, Latin club styles (Salsa, Bachata,
Cumbia, Merengue), Hustle, & West Coast Swing; newcomers to professional competitors;
LLISTD, NADTA, Eastern US Professional Rising Star Latin Champion; adjudicator

Michael Sims

410-499-7713    [email protected]   •   [email protected]   “Lite On Your Feet, LLC,” all American-style dances;
specializes in Salsa, West Coast Swing, New York-style Hustle, Bachata, and Merengue

Nonci Tirado

443-415-5001   [email protected]   •   see more–>
Professional Champion Latin dancer with numerous US titles including: US Latin National
Finalist, North American Champion, Eastern US Champion and US Rising Star Champion.

Paul Huston

703-732-3238  [email protected]
International Standard; 6-time Australian Open Champion, 5-time World semi-finalist,
Youth Coach Blackpool

Ron & Amy Wagaman

301-519-8267 [email protected]   •   [email protected] 
    •    see more –>
All dances, including American rhythm & smooth, and International Standard & Latin

Steve Ferrara

443-285-1164    [email protected]
All traditional American-Style Smooth and Rhythm dances, bronze through gold;
available for DJ services; was main instructor/DJ for Hollywood Ballroom and
MD/VA Singles Dances for over 20 years

Sunny Kwa

301-906-5501   [email protected]
Specializes in ballroom Standard and Latin

Tammy Brown

443-271-9250 [email protected]    •   •   see more –>
West Coast Swing and Hand Dance

Theresa Hiatt

954-881-2032 [email protected]
Performer, Instructor, Choreographer in Adult American Standard Smooth, Rhythm, synchronized Party Dances, Quinceaneras, Wedding Parties, & Children’s classes