New! Hand Dance classes with Kevin Fitzhugh


Hand Dance Classes at Hollywood Ballroom with Kevin Fitzhugh and Deonna Ball




with Swing Champions

Kevin Fitzhugh and Deonna Ball

 Thursdays July 8-Sept 9, 2021

Beginner classes 7pm

Advanced classes 8pm

The beginners class is a 10 week series that includes the basic fundamentals. footwork, lead and follow patterns. No drop ins after the 4th week unless you have some experience.

The advance class is ongoing and must have experience. The curriculum covers complex footwork and patterns along with leader and follower styling and musicality.


Cost: $15.00 per person per class
$12.00 per class if prepaid for the 10 weeks


What is Hand Dance?

Hand Dance is a variation of swing. Developed in the mid-1950s as a “close-contact” or more “sensual” kind of swing, hand dancing is typically danced to R&B music with partners’ hands in contact for the entire dance. It consists of “smooth footwork and hand-turns… to a 6-beat, 6 to 8 count dance rhythm” (Manriquez 2010).

In 1993 hand dance was recognized by the Smithsonian as a national art form and in 1999 it was officially recognized by the city council as the official dance of Washington, D.C.   It’s DC’s very own dance!
Smithsonian Institute, Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage,  7-5-2021