How to post an emergency message on the website

Please watch the video below for instructions on how to post an emergency message on the website.  Below the video are  condensed notes for review.

(The video below requires Adobe Flash.  iPads do not support Adobe Flash.  Please view with a compatible computer)

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Condensed notes from video:

www.hollywoodballroomdc/admin  > login > in dashboard select post > new post

Title of post shows up on front page.
Select category: Priority 1,    “Publish” or “Update” to save

Text for announcements over calendar
Goes at VERY top of page, before any other text

Change font to yellow,
Select “more tag,” top right side of icon bar
Select category: calendar 1

Text for post
Type AFTER the “more” tag. Update

Check results

To remove post:
Dashboard>All post>select post
Unselect categories, move to trash